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Our Founder

Ed Dottery is the founder and CEO of Alakai Defense Systems, Inc. He has overseen successful rapid growth as his team develops unique, leading-edge technologies to detect threats such as explosives, chemicals, WMD, narcotics, and hazardous materials at long stand-off ranges.

During these past several years of exciting innovation, Alakai has received multiple state and regional awards including: The Governor's Entrepreneurial Award (2008), Tampa Bay Technology Forum's Emerging Technology Company of the Year award (2010), Tampa Bay Business Journal's Florida Fast 50 and Florida Company to Watch (2014), & Inc. 5000's Fastest Growing Companies (2014-16). The first International Recognition came from the PRIED man-portable, eye-safe standoff detection system, where PRIED was described in a Silicon Valley ceremony as one of the top three most innovative optical sensors in the world for 2106 (SPIE Prism Awards). PRIED was recognized as 'best in show' at SOFIC for the Tampa Bay Region in 2017. Mr. Dottery and the talented professionals at Alakai also have many publications, patents, patents pending, and multiple generations of stand-off spectroscopic sensor systems to list among their accomplishments.

During his Army career, he commanded in the Infantry and Special Forces and served on the physics faculty at West Point. He was instrumental in the oversight of defense programs in both the Army Acquisitions Corps as well as for the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

His passionate mission to save life and limb from the ever-growing threats to our military and first-responders is reflected in the motto that is driving Alakai's staff to achieve important security solutions needed: "We were Soldiers, Our Children are Soldiers, Our Mission is to protect the Soldier... and The Homeland". Now with the Opioid crisis, Alakai hopes to contribute by standoff detection of narcotics, opioid's, and toxic fentanyl as well.

Ed Dottery
President and CEO

Our Story

Innovating Standoff Threat Detection

Alakai Defense Systems, Inc. is a small, veteran owned high-tech company specializing in laser and electro-optical standoff threat detection sensors for defense & security applications. Alakai has received numerous regional, state, and national honors and awards including:

  • Inc. 5000

  • SPIE 2016 Prism Awards Finalist

  • Governor's Business Diversifications Award

  • Florida Company to Watch

  • Florida Fast 100

  • Tampa Bay Business Journal Fast 50

Alakai In The News


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Our Clients

USSOCOM United States Special Operations Command
DTRA United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency
DHS US Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Army HQDA G-38
U.S. Army - Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate

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