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Portable Raman Improvised Explosive Detector

  • Stand-off Detection – get farther away from toxic chemicals or blast

  •  Speed – detect faster, farther & safer

  •  Eye-Safe – certified as zero-meter eye and skin hazard without eye protection.

  •  Exploitation – classification and real time specific identification; fastest survey and assessment

  •  Counter-Explosives C-IED/Force Protection – military, commercial, and home made explosives (HME)

  •  Counter-Weapons of mass destruction/CBRNE – chemical warfare agents, nuclear weapon processing, disablement, counter-proliferation

  •  Counter-Narcotics – fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, meth manufacturing

  •  Solid, liquid, and some gas phase detection

  •  Not ITAR restricted and ready for export

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