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 At Alakai Defense Systems, Inc. we offer very long-range standoff explosive detection systems. We develop unique, leading-edge technologies for detection of threats, bombs, IEDs and chemicals at long-standoff ranges, which informed official sources, have cited as "best in the world" in terms of longest ranges, and greatest deployable maturity. Certain criteria need to be met to discuss the impressive standoff ranges involved, and to purchase Alakai long-standoff detection products for man-portable systems, vehicle-portable (even longer-range) systems and stationary systems all to:


PROTECT:   key entry control points (ECP), critical facilities, and infrastructure for

Defense & Homeland Security applications.


DETECT:   Home-made explosives (HME), explosives, improvised explosive devices (IED), their precursors and manufacturing centers, chemicals, chemical warfare agents, hazardous materials (HAZMAT), toxic industrial chemicals (TIC) and toxic industrial materials (TIM), chemicals used in narcotics production, at ranges that uniquely do NOT put our military and first responders at risk. This includes fentanyl detection.


VALUE PROPOSITION:   Who wants to touch bombs to detect bombs? We bring life-saving solutions through our standoff detection systems that  save our hero's lives and protect us all.




Not ITAR Controlled

Under Commerce Jurisdiction

Currently Deployed

Checkpoint Explosive Detection
at an Extreme Range.
Mobile, Compact Threat Detection From a Safe Distance.
Convenient and Simple Operation for Security Checkpoints.

Alakai can assist

a Prime Contractor to:

Develop systems and subsystems within cost, schedule and performance specifications. 


Execute technical and managerial support contracts with superior performance.


Maintain a very low burden rate structure - efficient use of lean resources.


Provide 5% fee incentive award for subcontracts under a FAR incentive program.


Be assisted by a strong military background for contracting services.


Create strategic planning, marketing and contract capture support.


Access a network of technical subject matter expert consultants and former military professionals.