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Leveraging Alakai’s market-leading technology for standoff detection of solid and liquid threat chemicals, Argos's capabilities push the envelope for real-time standoff detection and identification of bulk, residue and trace quantities of threat materials. The device features an intensified charge-coupled device (ICCD) in the spectrometer, which increases the signal-to-noise ratio by approximately 500 times, resulting in a more sensitive Raman Spectrometer.

Argos’s small size, lightweight design, and 2-hour battery life make it ideal as a handheld device using the built-in screen or mounted on robotic vehicles or UAVs. Argos’s TAK/ATAK compatibility provides easy integration with Command-and-Control systems.

Argos can be used for military, public safety, and law enforcement applications. It has been selected as a finalist at the TechConnect World 2024 Counter-WMD Innovation Challenge.

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  • >10-meter standoff

  • Exploitation: Classification and real-time specific identification

  • Fast survey and assessment

  • One sensor, three modes of operation: handheld or integrated with UGVs and UAVs

Tailorable threat detection of solids, liquids, and some gasses, including:

  • IED

  • Military, commercial, and homemade explosives (HME)

  • Nuclear weapon processing chemicals

  • Chemical warfare agents

  • Counter-narcotics chemicals, including fentanyl

Argos One Sensor 3 modes .jpg

Use Cases:

  • Vehicle checkpoint (VCP) security

  • Situational awareness

  • Building, home, carpark searches

  • Extended range search

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