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Alakai Defense Systems Integrates SAFR Explosives Sensor

on Florida International University “Dog” Robot

Alakai and FIU demonstrate integration and three possible use cases


TAMPA BAY, Fl.—September 14, 2023— Alakai Defense Systems Inc. and Florida International University - Applied Research Center in Miami integrated Alakai’s Situational Awareness for First Responders (SAFR) UV Raman standoff explosives detector onto a Boston Dynamics Spot® robotic dog platform and demonstrated how the system could be used in multiple operational scenarios.

Alakai Defense Systems’ SAFR is a standoff explosive detection system. It detects and identifies bulk and residue quantities of explosives, homemade explosives, and toxic industrial chemicals.  It can be used as a handheld detector, integrated on a ground robot, or integrated on a UAV.  This flexible detector can be used for defense, security, bomb squad and other law enforcement applications. The system can be operated remotely, further isolating the operator from the threat chemicals or any potential blast radius.


SAFR employs deep UV Raman spectroscopic detection methodologies to identify real-time threats. With expertise in laser-based sensing, threat sensing technology (UV, Vis, & IR), Alakai’s products feature patented, proprietary eye-safety technology.

Here are four short videos:


About FIU

FIU's Applied Research Center is a worlds ahead research organization specializing in solving real-world problems through multi-disciplinary research. At the ARC’s Applied Robotics and Remote Systems Lab robotic systems are being developed to provide a means to inspect areas that may be difficult to obtain access to or unsafe for people to enter.

About Alakai Defense Systems

Alakai Defense Systems, Inc. is a small, veteran owned high-tech company specializing in laser and electro-optical standoff threat detection sensors for defense & security applications. Founded in 2003, Alakai specializes in the development and production of UV Raman standoff detectors. Alakai’s products and prototypes have achieved world-class standoff detection distances. Alakai’s ongoing work also includes research and development of laser-based trace material detection technologies for U.S. government agencies. For more information, visit or contact Alakai at

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